Member-Owned Group Captive Designed Specifically for Amazon Delivery Service Providers

DeliverRE is designed to attract the “Best in Class” DSPs who consistently outperform and strive to become better. Companies in group captives will become better companies and safer places to work, according to statistics.

What Does DeliverRE Do For It’s Members?

DeliverRE provides members the ability to become an owner of a privately held insurance company and control their insurance program and costs long-term. It also provides excellent Claims Management and Loss Control Services tailored to meet the members’ needs and specifications. This helps members control their insurance costs long-term.

Claims Management

As a DeliverRE captive member you will be assigned a dedicated Workers’ Compensation Claims Specialist who provides claims oversight and act as your liaison to assist with claims. They will follow any lost time claims to ensure that claim reserves are appropriate, that actions are taken to close cases in a timely manner, and that subrogation is pursued when necessary. They are also available to assist in return-to-work strategies. In addition, should you have a fraudulent claim, the team will assist you in fighting fraudulent claims. As a DeliverRE Member, you have control over how your claims are handled which, helps to reduce claims cost overall.

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Barragan Corp International

Barragan Corp International, A Strategic Risk Management Company safety and health specialists are experienced, well-trained professionals whose goals are to ensure compliance with local, federal, and state regulations and help employers and employees reduce on-the-job hazards and prevent injuries, illnesses, and deaths in the workplace.

Recoup Unused Underwriting Profit

DeliverRE provides members with an opportunity to recoup unused Underwriting premium dollars when they perform well.
Premiums are based upon members’ individual loss experience, not insurance industry average or state rates, as in the traditional insurance market. The better your loss experience, the more you can reduce your insurance costs. This premium calculation is fair for each member.

Do I qualify for DeliverRE Insurance?

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